Welcome To Magnesium Oxide Board Suppliers UK. We Specialize On Giving You The Most High Quality MGO Boards To Date Which Are Exclusive BBA Tested And Certified

bba-british-board-of-agreementThe Magnesium Oxide Boards we bring in have been BBA (British Board Of Agreement) tested and certified.

Strength and stability: Partition walls incorporating the boards will have acceptable resistance to stresses.

Behavior in relation to fire: The boards can be incorporated in a construction meeting regulatory requirements

Durability: Sheathing boards have a life equal to that of the building which they are installed. View Certificate

Below You Can Find Information On All Our MGO Board Products

Multi-Pro XS

Multi-Pro XS comes in a ‘Extra Strength’ design which gives industry leading fire resistant performance. This quality coupled with high manufacturing strength puts Multi-Pro XS MGO Board as the number 1 choice in the most stringent construction projects on and offsite.
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Base Board 10

What makes our MGO Base Board 10 The Right Choice For You? Our MGO Resistant Base Board 10 is a high end, multifaceted magnesium oxide board engineered for general purpose use over multiple applications.
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Multi-Pro MGO Board

Multi-Pro Magnesium Oxide board supplied by Magnesium Oxide Board suppliers attains an all-round remarkable performance. Multi-Pro MGO boards are a passive multi application fire protected board that can satisfy the needs of several types of projects.
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Multi-Pro MoistSure Versus Buliding Industry Standard

Gypsum and Plywood goods are frequently used as tiling substrate in showers and bathrooms where stud walls are typically found. Both these substrates are susceptible to deterioration if moisture penetrates by way of a crack or joint over a tiled wall or floor.

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Our Multi-Rend boards are made from Magnesium Oxide making it a very high strength external render board carrier which is suitbalbe for all areas around the UK and Northern Ireland.
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Below You Can Watch Our Mgo Boards Being Fire Tested At The UKAS Accredited Testing Facilities

Passive Fire Protection for Ceilings And Walls

The term coined Passive Fire Protection is the manufacturing of materials including Magnesium Oxide construction boards (MGO Board), to slow down the spread of fire throughout the ceilings and walls etc.
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