Base Board 10

What makes our MGO Base Board 10 The Right Choice For You?

Our MGO Resistant Base Board 10 is a high end, multifaceted magnesium oxide board engineered for general purpose use over multiple applications. Our Magnesium Oxide Base Board 10 is very versatile and suited to multiple hybrid, timber or steel framing structures. Some of the major attributes of cement particle boards verses our MGO Board and plywood are listed in the table below.


Feature Base Board 10 Plywood Cement Particle Boards
Fire Rating Highest Class ‘A1’ Non-Combustible Highly Flammable Lesser Class ‘A2’ Limited Combustibility
Dimensionally Stable mag-board-green-tick magnesium oxide board red-x magnesium oxide board red-x
Weather Durable mag-board-green-tick magnesium oxide board red-x mag-board-green-tick
External Use mag-board-green-tick mgo board exclamation-mark mag-board-green-tick
Breathable mag-board-green-tick mgo board exclamation-mark magnesium oxide board red-x
Render Receiver mag-board-green-tick magnesium oxide board red-x magnesium oxide board red-x
Mold Resistant mag-board-green-tick magnesium oxide board red-x mag-board-green-tick
Score & Snap mag-board-green-tick magnesium oxide board red-x magnesium oxide board red-x


Building Envelope General Purpose Sheathing Board

Base Board 10 is without doubt the best choice for developing a quick build air tight weather resistant envelope which is a breathable high strength, easy fixing building board. Base Board 10 is a Dual sided board that has a smooth surface and also a heavily keyed face in reverse, Base Board 10 is perfect for either sheathing or using as a render carrier board. This Magnesium oxide board is additionally fire rated thus adding further protection to your building envelope.


Moisture/Water Resistant Mold Resistant
moisture resistant mgo board Sufficient to withstand the outside elements throughout the construction phase but must always be finished out using a weather protective coating for permanent outdoor exposure. mgo-board-mould-resistant Unlike wood or sourced paper faced products, MGO Base board 10 contains no cellulose leaving it resilient to mold growth.
Impact Resistant A1 Non-Combustible Board
impact-resistant-mgo-board Our Magnesium Oxide Base Board 10 has the strength endure surface impact therefore the structure build will be adverse to outside disturbances. fire resistant mgo board Using a fire resistant board means that in the event of a fire outbreak your buliding structure will be safer as apposed to non fire resistant boards.
Easy Fixing Method Breathable
easy fixing magnesium oxide board Boards can be screw fixed without having to resort to pre-drilling out the holes. breathable mgo board Base Board 10 retains the unique ability to absorb and release moisture, providing a proper strong and reliable, working structure.

Benefit your Projects!

Benefit your buliding project by using a multi use high performance Magnesium Oxide board with a very cost effective price. To find out more, contact our staff either by phone or if you prefer, use the email contact page and a member of staff will be in touch shortly to answer any questions.

Uses & Applications

Base Board 10 is a strong, stable, new generation construction board, engineered to give a maximum performance replacement for commonly used sheets with limited properties. Normal uses of Base Board 10 are:
– Non-combustible SFS, rain-screen & infill sheathing
– Volumetric & POD manufacture
– Budget render carrier board
– And wherever you’ve got previously considered
gypsum or plywood sheets and cement particle boards.

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