Why MoistSure Is The Best Tile Backer Board On The Market.

Multi-Pro MoistSure is the stronger, faster, safer building board for wall and floor tiling. MoistSure tile backer board is mould resistant, water resistant and extremely strong.

Stronger Tile Backer high strength MGO board Moisture/Water Resistant
high strength mgo board Proven to become extremely strong when fitted correctly which is ideal for merging a combined weight of adhesive + tiles capacity in the range of 100kg m2. moisture resistant mgo board MoistSure is a perfect tile backer as it will not deteriorate, swell or rot when utilized in a humid or moist environment.
Mold Resistant Environmentally Friendly
mgo-board-mould-resistant Unlike paper faced or wood-based products, MoistSure contains no cellulose and is therefore resilient to mould growth. environmently friendly mag boards Resistant boards are eco-friendly as they produce less CO2 emissions because of greener cold fusion manufacturing process.
Efficient Cutting Method Easy Fixing Method
score and snap magnesium oxide board Can be scored and snapped having a standard blade and measuring tape or cut to shape by using a small hand saw. easy fixing magnesium oxide board Boards can be simply screw fixed without pre-drilling.
Safer Tile Backer Heat Resistant
Our mag boards are safer Some rival tile backers contain as much as 50% crystalline silica, while MoistSure contains lower than 0.5%, so that it is one of the safest boards currently available. fire resistant mgo board Fire Rated, Non-Flammable , Non-Combustible
Non-Combustible to BS 476 Part 4
BS EN ISO 1182 – Euro Class A1

Testing & Certification

First BBA certified MgO board with extensive testing completed by the accrediting body Manufactured to EN 13501-1:2007 + A1:2009 for fire resistance and passed as A1 non-combustible *Shear tile test done in accordance with BS EN 1324:2007 & BS EN 1990:2002

Multi-Pro MoistSure Versus Buliding Industry Standard

Gypsum and Plywood goods are frequently used as tiling substrate in showers and bathrooms where stud walls are typically found. Both these substrates are susceptible to deterioration if moisture penetrates by way of a crack or joint over a tiled wall or floor. When MoistSure is utilized and installed as per the recommended guidelines, these complaint issues should not occur.

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