Multipro MGO Board


 Why Use Multi-Pro?

Multi-Pro Magnesium Oxide board supplied by Magnesium Oxide Board suppliers attains an all-round remarkable performance. Multi-Pro MGO boards are a passive multi application fire protected board that can satisfy the needs of several types of projects. This MGO board provides a range of benefits when it comes to performance as listed below:


Water/Moisture Resistant A1 Non-Combustible Board
moisture resistant mgo board Correctly applied and specified outdoor grade finish needed for semi exposed permanent areas for example soffit boards. fire resistant mgo board Multi-Pro Magnesium oxide boards is a fire resistant board which creates a safer structure in the event of a fire breaking out.
Mold Resistant Breathable
mgo-board-mould-resistant Unlike or wood sourced paper faced products, Multi-Pro MGO boards contains no cellulose leaving it resilient to mold growth. breathable mgo board Multi-Pro retains the unique ability to absorb and release moisture, providing a proper strong and reliable, working structure.
Efficient Cutting Method Easy Fixing Method
score and snap magnesium oxide board Can be cut to size using hand & power saws or easily scored and snapped using a tape measure and a standard stanely knife, making it adaptable for large & small jobs. easy fixing magnesium oxide board Boards can be simply hammer nailed or screw fixed without having to resort to pre-drilling out the holes.


Uses & Applications

Some normal uses for Magnesium Oxide Multi-Pro are:

– Fire resistant fresh build and retro fit floors + ceilings
– For use with the underside of canopies aswell as porches
– Boiler backer
– Walkthroughs & meeting areas


Benefit your Project!

Multi-Pro offers many adaptable ways to inhert numerous applications while assisting you to stay inside your construction budget. There are countless benefits to using Multi-Pro with your project!

Testing & Certification
First BBA certified MgO board with extensive testing performed by the body Manufactured to EN 13501-1:2007 + A1:2009 for fire resistance
Non-load bearing partition wall (60 min. steel stud) fire test to BS EN 1364-1:1999

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