Multi-Pro XS

What makes MGO Multi-Pro XS Boards A Superior High Quality Product.

Multi-Pro XS comes in a ‘Extra Strength’ design which gives industry leading fire resistant performance. This quality coupled with high manufacturing strength puts Multi-Pro XS MGO Board as the number 1 choice in the most stringent construction projects on and offsite.

Multi-Pro XS Extra Strength MGO board Moisture/Water Resistant
high strength multipro xs mgo board Having four layers of fibre glass mesh, our Magnesium oxide Multi-Pro XS Boards have phenomenal strength performance which is also racking board certified. moisture resistant mgo board Sufficient to withstand the outside elements throughout the construction phase but must always be finished out using a weather protective coating for permanent outdoor exposure.
Impact Resistant MGO Board Environmentally Friendly
impact-resistant-mgo-board Having and impact resistance of 34N/mm2 our Multi-Pro XS Mag boards are able to withstand the risk of damage during transit and fitting out. environmently friendly mag boards Resistant boards are eco-friendly as they produce less CO2 emissions because of greener cold fusion manufacturing process.
Easy Cutting MGO Board Easy Fixing Method
score and snap magnesium oxide board Our Multi-Pro XS boards can be easily cut to specified size either by using the score and snap method with a normal stanely knife and tape or with the use of either a hand or power saw. easy fixing magnesium oxide board Multi-Pro XS Boards can be simply hammer nailed or screw fixed without having to resort to pre-drilling out the holes.
Breathable MGO Board Heat Resistant MGO Board
breathable mgo board Our Multipro XS MGO boards retains the unique ability to absorb and release moisture, providing a proper strong and reliable, working structure. fire resistant mgo board Using a fire resistant board means that in the event of a fire outbreak your building structure will be safer as apposed to non fire resistant boards.


UKAS tested our Multi-Pro XS boards to achieve 120 minutes of fire resistance with only a single layer of Multi-Pro XS on either side of a timber framed stud partition.

Has been named in the STA Design Guide too Separating Distances During Construction as a fire mitigation sheathing board that has passed the STA Small Room Fire Test at BRE and has proven sufficient for use in Category C Timber Frame construction projects.

Applications and Uses.

  • For timber framed construction as well as SIPS fire mitigation sheathing boards.
  • For park home manufacturing, OSM and pods. (Permanent substitute to plywood)
  • For carrier board use for outside brick slips.
  • For areas prone to harsh environments in high human traffic locations such as anti vandal units as well as prisons
  • For use around fuel stoves.
  • Non loading and load bearing fire resistant partitions. For new bulids and retro fit floors and ceilings with fire resistant approval.

Benefit your Project!

No matter if it’s in a factory based, construction site or in a finished buliding, Multi-Pro XS will always deliver phenomenal results with clear cost saving margins. For further information contact our team via phone or email in our contact page tab.

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